What is Search Engine Marketing? Google Adwords Explained.

What is Search Engine Marketing? Google Adwords Explained.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the easy and quickest ways to grow your business in this competitive market place online. there are millions of businesses on the internet waiting to be discovered and everyone wants some attention. It has now become an important part of marketing strategies that you cannot ignore. We are going to discuss the difference between SEM and SEO, Few more important concepts of SEM below.

Search Engine Marketing — An Overview

Search Engine Marketing is a practice of advertising business or ranking Business by using paid Advertisement for appearing on a google search engine result page(SERPs). Advertiser bid on a keyword that the user or consumer is typing or search on Google or Bing Search Engines. It could be a search for a product, services, or information related search queries. Thus, such search practice gives the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those searches.

These ads often termed pay-per-click ads. It comes in a variety of formats.

Like, small, text-based ads, whereas some are product listing ads — PLA, also known as Shopping ads. Which are more visual and product-based ads which allow the consumer to take a look at particular information about a product or service like price, function, and reviews of the product.


what’s the difference between both.

Mostly, Search Engine Marketing means Search Marketing. where the business pays Google to showcase its ad on Search Result. That’s how the system of SEM works.

Whereas Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a completely different ball game where you write fresh content and deliver unique content with quality which gets you noticed by Google Indexed, this helps in growing your reach organically.

It’s a sword with two sharp sides — your Online business strategy should have both in the plan. Both SEO and SEM should be the primary structure of your Online Marketing Model. SEO is among the powerful process in driving the most authentic and reliable traffic at the top of the marketing funnel, While Search Marketing Advertisement is a highly budget-friendly way to drive conversions to the last level of the funnel.

Keywords: The Base of Search Engine Marketing

Keywords are the base of search engine marketing. As Searcher enters keywords to find queries into search engines to find what they’re finding for and it should be no surprise why content writer gets paid well and Keyword is the base of SEM.

Search Engine Marketing Keyword Research

The most important step is to choose which are the keywords to use in the required Search engine Marketing Campaign, Also need to get in deep with understanding what type of keywords suitable and need to conduct extensive research as part of the Keyword Management Strategy.

First, you need to identify Primary keywords that are most relevant to the selected business, and that considered customers are inclined to use when searching for the products and services. One way to perform this keyword research is by using Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.

Just enter a keyword that’s applicable to your business or service, and see relevant keyword suggestion ideas that can be used as the basis of various search engine marketing campaigns for your present and future marketing Strategy.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool gives you a range of important data, such as search volume for each individual keyword in Google Result and its overall competitiveness.

It helps in finding keywords you should be bidding on, And Also extensive keyword research also helps in identifying negative keywords- Terms and Phrases that one should be excluded from keyword campaigns. Negative Keywords arent the terms with any negative connotations, but rather an irrelevant term search that has high chances unlikely to result in any solid conversions. For example, if you are selling Muffins, you might want to exclude “ Muffin Recipes”, as users looking for Muffins Recipes are unlikely to be your customer for your product.

Such a concept – it’s known as search intent or the likelihood that a searcher will complete or make the desired action intended after typing or looking up for given terms. Some of the keywords are also considered to have high popular intent or a very strong indication that the searcher wants to buy something related to particular keywords or queries.

Account Structure

One of the crucial aspects of keywords is important for the success of a search engine marketing campaign in the Account planning structure.

Steps like logical keyword grouping and proper account structure help in achieving higher click-through rates, lower cost-per-click, and an overall stronger complete performance, and keyword research can help advertisers think about how to well structure the account.

AdWords and Bing Ads accounts should be structured in the following way for appropriate results:

Ad campaigns may focus on similar products or services. For example, if you run a Bike Store, one ad campaign could focus exclusively on autumnal products such as wheels, helmet, and crash guards, whereas another might focus on various bike models and so on.

Ad groups help in each campaign to further extend to subcategorized for relevance. In the bike store, one ad group might focus on different parts of Bikes, while another could focus on Models of Bikes. This level of campaign organization might take a lot of effort and times This level of organization might take slightly longer to set up initially, but the rewards — namely higher CTRs at lower cost — these efforts help in the long run for growth and advertising funnels becomes quite promising.

Purpose Search Engine Marketing Ad Auction

This might be among the most discussed misconception about search engine marketing is that whoever has huge advertising budgets wins the game. We are not denying that having a huge advertising budget doesn’t! yes, it can be advantageous, especially when you are targeting highly competitive keywords, but that’s not the reality when you are looking for solid success with search engine marketing. Mostly, because all ads go under a process known the ad auctions before is live or running on search results. Will discuss more ad auction in Google Adwords below.

How the Ad Auction Works

The ad auction process takes place every single time when someone types a search query into a google search. so to enter into the ad auction, advertisers recognize the keywords that they want to bid on and should comply with how much they are willing to pay “per click” so as to have their respective ads appear along with results related to those search keywords. As google then determines if the keywords you have bid on are within a search query of a user, your ads will be entered into the ad auction.

How Ads ‘Win’ the Ad Auction

There’s a catch — Not every single ad will appear on every individual search Query. That’s because the ad auctions consider various factors into accounts when defining the placements of the ads on the SERP as not every keyword has sufficient commercial intent that justifies displaying ads next to results.
Though there are two factors that Google assesses as a part of the ad auction process are — Maximum bid and The Quality Score of your ads.

Quality Score is a Metric that is based on the overall quality of your desired Advertisement. Maximum bid means the maximum amount that a advertiser have spell out or willing to pay for a click. Google Calculates such metrics during the ad auction to define the placements of Ad and thus, result of such calculation is also known as ad rank.

Significance of Quality Score in SEM

Google Adwords — Quality Score includes half of the ad rank formula. It by far the one of the most crucial metrics that an search engine marketers should focus on. A high Quality scores helps in achieving better ad position at the lower costs, because Google rewards ads that are highly relevant to searcher queries.


It is expected that more companies will utilize search engine marketing as Consumer are searching product and service online.Consumer depends on lot of information that is on Internet and that a marketer leverage to help in growing his business and that can only happen by exchange of value between both parties. Firm with small budget may find it difficult to employ all paid method but SEO and SEM can be good combination if you want to grow your reach and create desired results.

Furthermore, you can make high quality contents within website in order to attract online searchers and with good content its also becomes easy to attract potential buyer.