Welcome to the Hegeeks Blog

Welcome to the He Geeks Blog. This is the first blog post here on this blog and I would like to take this opportunity to tell what this blog is all about.

I’ve been learning Digital Marketing from 3 Years now. I have started this blog to learn and educate others on various Digital Marketing Concepts

In 2018, I was working as a sales Associate in Octa Network. I Realize that i was quite good with connecting people and was also interested in Digital Marketing and Since I always wanted to write and Blog- So i took it as a priority to Start blogging about things that I feel is Important to learn in this cutting edge competition.

This is the blog about digital marketing and This blog is also the launch pad for my career foundation and future Opportunity that i want to venture in.

I’ve been explaining the benefits of Digital Marketing and Content writing to people for a long time now.

As My Mentor, Digital Deepak would say-  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years back. The second best time is now. The best time to start a blog was 5 years back, the second best time is now. Since Writing takes a long time to get results, it is difficult to motivate people to take writing seriously. 

He Geeks as a project was born because I wanted to show people how to start and learn a blogging and Digital Marketing from Scratch. Why HeGeeks Name – Because i want to be called as a Geek in Digital Marketing.

The one who is geeky.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates!

Ajay Sarode

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