16 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups

Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

It’s true. Social Media may be a “winner” in connecting people but then there’s email. It among the first Digital Connectivity Method from the domain and it’s still is one of the most reliable Communications methods.

It’s one of the few marketing channels that marketer can trust to build an authentic connection which connects to real human which also helps in building your tribe.

Email marketing isn’t about spamming. It’s not even about sending a personal note. It’s a way to educate and stay connected with your customer. Customer doesn’t give their information lightly, and If you do right- It can be a fruitful transaction as it helps you build relationships and profit.

Here are some of the best email marketing tools to assure you hit the mark every time:-



With LeadPages you can Build & publish code-free content that’s conversion-optimized from the ground up, create elegant landing pages with easy features of LeadPages. With Ready-made templates, you can Publish in minutes with a professionally-designed layout which comes with a drag-and-drop and easy-to-use feature with customization.

You can also run unlimited split tests — including A/B tests and multivariate tests. With seamless integration with the best email marketing providers, it becomes more user friendly. you can also integrate your landing page with the desired marketing platform in a few minutes.


LeadPages goes like this — advanced plan costs up to $239 / Month, Pro Plan cost is $59 / Month and standard plan starts at $27 / Month.




Zoho is known for CRM which is Customer Relationship Management. It refers to a category of software and it refers to a holistic approach to building and maintaining strong relationships with Leads, Prospects, and Customers/Clients. You can start your campaign can be achieved once you select your respective recipients and other campaign-specific details.

The User Interface (UI), or User Experience (UX), is, IMHO, aesthetic— simple, neat, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. Zoho CRM integrates with Zoho Books to provide effortless CRM+Books integration.

It also offers sales and marketing automation tools with helpdesk, analytics, and customer support functions.


The free test plan unlocks 2,000 subscribers/12,000 emails a month. Pricing starts at $5/month.

Standard Plan starts at $12/Mo, Professional starts at $20/mo, and Enterprise Plan starts at $35/mo.


HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot offers complete packed email marketing tools that are reliable and comes with many features and benefits. and, more important for free.

HubSpot services offer professional email marketing tools that help in engaging and growing your target audience. Features like drag-and-drop email builder help it even user friendly. With Features like drag-and-drop email builder, you don’t a web developer or designers for help, and the most successful feature to all this is free email too, HubSpot CRM is free and you can create customized point to point commands for your customer which is also connected with HubSpot Email, which you can tailor related emails based on any details you have about your subscribers- like submission forms and website activity. With help of CRM, you can incorporate personalized content in your emails, like first name, your interest, likes and dislike or your goals to ensure your contacts feel like they are talking to human and its personally addressed to them while all the activity of email campaign is tracked in the CRM.

HubSpot email tool is free for up to 2,000 emails per month which can come with upscale upgrade solutions starting at $50 with Marketing Hub Starter

Pricing: FREE



MailGenius is also a free tool that helps in scrutinizes your emails and finds out all the triggers that are likely to get your email in the spam folder. you can also run a deliverability test so your email reaches your desire recipient’s email Inbox. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the recipient opens it and the open rate is achieved.

by making sure all the things you avoid a lot of mistakes such as landing in the spam folder and you never get a reader’s attention, and such inspection also comes with an explanation to how to fix all the issues you may have when you run a deliverability test.

Indeed, if the email copy and subject line is best or appealing it can still land your email in the spam folder, as deliverability issues can have a harsh impact on your email marketing campaigns that you are running or wish to run, so it becomes quite reasonable and smart move to be proactive and have forward-thinking and run a test to ensure best results when you actually shoot out your email.

Pricing: FREE



Litmus is among the most resourceful tools and quite amazing tools which can test and track sent emails. Litmus tool helps in testing emails in traditional web- clients as well as modern devices like mobile- Android, Apple, and Windows. You can use it to render testing to make sure everything is optimized for particular target devices and ensure it is more device friendly.

You can test more 35+ clients and devices at the same time with just one command. It also can generate a test email for an initial test so you know how it is seen before it is sent out to the mass which you can also send to your Email Service Provider. You can see desired browsers, Internet Service Providers, and the devices.

You can streamline your links by putting email through a landing page test and within a few minutes, also you can see the overall overlay of that particular email that you’re testing out and complete the result for every link. The Email Service Provider tracks pixel in your email which is inserted to track customized reports also with that you customer details report as to how and where the email was opened, how much time was spent on reading that particular email, and was it original draft sent or an organically forwarded or printed.


Litmus basis and comes with a free 7-day trial, while the premium version can be had for $99 plus is for $199 a month, for Custom Tailored to your needs to request for enterprise pricing.




Flashissue is one of the most useful tools for emailing newsletters. with a simple interface that combines email marketing with content curation. you can sign in with Google or Facebook Account and start sending newsletters emails to your contacts list in just a few minutes.

you can get actionable insights about your campaigns or easily track important data about live campaigns.


Starter Plan starts $9.90/2yrs, Small Plan- $79/2yrs, Medium $129/2ys and Large Plan will cost around 199/2yrs.

Constant Contact


You can choose from several hundred design templates or custom design your own in a few seconds. you can Include a wide variety of extra features like— documents, images, polls, links to surveys, videos, etc.

you can insert images and text can be imported straight into the editor. Also, easy to create extensive reports on running email campaigns to show data of opt-outs, complaints, bounces, forwards, and click-throughs. You will also find a social-share toolbar and social media buttons — Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook — which will work like a charm to boost traffic to the firm’s web page.


constant contact offer two plans for the email plan starts at the cost of $20 per month and the email plus plan starts at $45 per month.




Aweber — AI-powered design assistant will help create templates quickly.

Features like drag-and-drop email & landing page designer, prebuild template gallery, you can create an Automated email campaign with that you send personalize including built-in campaigns. It’s also easy to Import high performing pre-built campaigns into your account to accelerate using automation marketing strategy. With easy and quick account migration, which is 100% free.


AWeber’s monthly pro plan goes for $16.15 and provides 500 subscribers, unlimited emails.


Mail Chimp


Mail Chimp’s monkey might appeal to you funny or humorous but don’t let that throw you off. Mailchimp’s Marketing & CRM mobile app helps you market better and grow your business faster from day one. It’ all about collecting statistics, sending emails, landing page integration, better reach, and improving the performance of email campaigns. you can send out surveys to your subscribers to vote on any particular questionnaire. The dashboard considers import lists, create and send campaigns, and build your audience.

The dashboard lays it all out clearly: import lists, create and send campaigns, and proceed to build your audience. you can build your campaign while importing contacts in the background. you also have options to choose which subscriber goes in which list or list of email or you can choose segment specifically as the process of Mailchimp’s highly personalizable.

Creating a segment is simple, use filters to build contacts subsets, use previously created segments, or cut/paste from a recipient email address list. The tracking options let you know who has opened the email messages and which campaign links receive the most clicks. Then you can also further enhance the tracking option links to a website through Google Analytics or Salesforce. In a Paid account- you will also have features like “auto-responders” which help in deep marketing as it will trigger specific responses or segment-based automated actions they take. after email campaigns, MailChimp also allows you to integrate with social media handles so you can post regular updates on Twitter and Facebook.


The Free plan includes up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 sends per month, with a daily send limit of 2,000.

  • Essentials Plan — The Essentials plan is best for frequent email senders who need extra sending power and access to Support. The starting price includes 500 contacts and the price increases with your contact count. With the Essentials plan, you can store up to 50,000 contacts. Your monthly send limit is 10 times your maximum contact count.
  • Standard plan — is the best choice for most Mailchimp users who want to grow their business. It comes with tools and features that give you more insight into your audience. The base price includes 500 contacts and the price increases with your contact count. With the Standard plan, you can store up to 100,000 contacts. The monthly send limit is 12 times your maximum contact count.
  • Premium — The Premium plan comes with our most powerful marketing tools. This plan is best for advanced users who want to store more contacts and optimize their marketing. The base price includes 10,000 contacts and the price increases with your contact count. With the Premium plan, you can store up to 200,000 contacts. The monthly send limit is 15 times your maximum contact count. If you want to store more than 200,000 contacts, contact us and we’ll customize a plan for you.


Reach Mail


Reach Mail’s Campaign features allows you to compare multiple campaigns side by side and for details report, reviews, and analytics you can dig deeper into individual campaign reports. You can Download opening rate views, clicks, and bounces and you can move them to other lists. You can also pull the SMTP logs to see exactly the responses you’re getting for a particular campaign or email responses. and also you can check the heatmaps you don’t need an extra plugin for that also it has been built into all reports. Check where recipients have reached the bottom of your message.

Auto Responder Reports Auto Responder (Auto Messages in ReachMail) reports information is shown differently so they also have built-in a special report just for that particular purpose. you can review opens and clicks for all autoresponders on a single list in one place. ReachMail’s reporting makes it easy to see precisely what issues occur with your communications so you can improve your delivery rates and grow your sales by correcting the course of action.

List Reports —  ReachMail treats lists as part of your core key to progress. they made it easy to analyze your list(s) for engagement history, bounces, opt-outs. you can see a history of all mail sent to a list, and get a domain breakdown in one click. Managing a list of data is important to long term delivery success. ReachMail helps you stay ahead of the curve with detailed list reports. ReachMail’s built-in survey system integrates easily with emails.

Advertiser Reports — ReachMail’s advertiser reports helps to tag links from your messages as belonging to a specific advertiser. If you’re selling ad space on your marketing messages, tag each respective link with the appropriate advertiser, and then pull a report just for them. Reports can be emailed directly from your account efficiently.

Integrates with External Analytic tools — you can quickly integrate external reporting for services like GoogleAnalytics, Matomo, OpenWebAnalytics, and Oribi.

You can optimize the subject line words or determine how any given emails work well in contrast to other emails.


Reach Mail plan starts from $10 per month to $70/month.

Active Trail


ActiveTrail Tool comes with the most advanced marketing software, tailored to meet your specific needs of the marketer, ultimately leading to sizeable increases in revenues. you can send thousands or millions of emails each month, the tool also the most professional, personal service to marketers to target customers.

Active Trail also has superior deliverability rates they can be easily integrated with internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide, so you can reach your clients’ inboxes consistently and without any obstacles.

Service like Marketing Automation, Surveys, Landing Page Creator, SMS Software, Email Marketing Templates are some of the services provided by Active Trail.


Their free plan gives you 1,000 contacts with unlimited emails. For up to 3,000 contacts, you need to get the $8/ month Basic plan. The plus gives you as many as 5,000 contacts at $11. And, the Premium plan can be had for $298.



Drip Tools is for an eCommerce marketing engine. you can build personalized customer experiences, which can help you drive more revenue, with that you can take your marketing strategy to the next level with Drip Marketing Tool.

Customer Data — you can collect customers’ data which they are telling you every day with every click, cart adds, and purchase. Drip also helps you collect, organize, and distill every ounce of info. Also features Tags, Custom Fields, Customer Behavior, and Integrations are added features.

you can set up personalized experiences from inbox to Instagram at scale. with help of Deep segmentation, Behavior-based automation, and Personalized content.

It also comes with Multichannel integration with Email, SMS, Facebook, and Instagram and Third-party integrations for direct mail and more, and feature like Insights Dashboards and Workflow split testing makes it even more interesting.


Mad Mimi


With Mad Mini you can create fresh email marketing campaigns, more important you can copy campaigns using the clone tool — adjust the original document without making changes to prior versions of your work.

If you want beautiful, mobile-friendly emails, Mad Mimi design is your friend. Mad Mimi also comes with an ultra-clean interface and thoughtful style-design approach, you can create the best email template on the block.

Mad Mimi can be easily integrated with Google Analytics to provide in-depth data and tracking metrics. Click on “Forward to a friend” reports and export them to Excel if you want. You can View real-time responses on your social networking activity about email campaigns.


Mad Mimi pricing starts from $10 per month for a basic account for 500 contacts and the pro package costs $42 for 10,000 contacts and recently they have come with two more plans silver for $199 and Gold for $1049.


Cake Mail


CakeMail’s tools can also cover your email campaign. With power pact service like split A/B testing like, Identifying best email to determine the most ideal mailing list or Spam attracter which will make sure your emails don’t end up in spam. CakeMail also comes with Google Integration — which means you can view detailed stats on how each campaign progressing.

you can create beautiful emails, regardless of which device your readers use. A majority of emails are viewed on a mobile device, so your emails must look great in a Web browser, email client, cell phone, or tablet. Also when you have responsive content it improves your click-through rate.

also, every email you send can render the preview over 15,000 different ways CakeMail has got it covered too. you can import contact lists quickly and advanced segmentation allows you to send specific messages to defined targeted groups within your list.


The free Starter plan allows 500 contacts along with 500 emails. The basic package starts at $8 per month.



Mailjet is one of the convenient tools which is combined with template-based marketing and transactional email sending in one tool. Also, Add a consultation service to boot, and you’re all good to go.

Email Builder helps Beautiful and responsive emails in few clicks of drag and drops, you can Integrate Mailjet email to API with your present configuration so you can start with your email campaign.

Mailjet Tool automatically tracks each link in your email with a tracking code, which becomes easy to track analytics and data. Also, Mailjet’s robust delivery support routes billions of emails to the inbox every month. It is also easily set up a free SMTP Server in a few minutes which will help you send your emails faster.

It also lets you add Mailjet support to your app in several languages, like Python, Ruby, and PHP, also quick integrations with Magento, WordPress, and a few more, which also comes with a 24-hour support line.


The free plan lets you send 100,000 contacts and you also get to send 6,000 emails a month. The bronze package will costs you around $7.49/month.




iContact gives higher ROI out of every message you send with advanced email marketing automation. you can send personalized emails that appeal to your subscribers. There’s no need to know HTML, and iContact Drag & Drop Editor makes things easy.

Once you build your list of contacts, iContact will helps you add a sign-up form to your website so you can convert visitors to more segmented subscribers. you can also save a list of subscribers in a CSV or Excel file.

The autoresponder feature sends automatic messages at preset intervals which are triggered by certain events. For instance, if a newsletter is signed up for, the autoresponder sends that person a short welcome message. Or, when a customer’s birthday is coming up, you could send them email coupons.


iContact has a base plan that starts from $15 to $45 monthly and Pro Plans starts from $30 to $90 monthly.

Did We Miss Anything?

I am sure I missed some more good tools. Tell us in the comment section and tell me what you think about the above tools and tell which one is your favorite and send a few more suggestions below.